Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Carol's Herculean Effort

Carol made a Herculean effort to get rid of her collections over the past 18 years in her shop.

I am here to tell you could not walk in that shop lol Carol never met a piece of wood she didn't love and had to bring home. Not to mention the 6 boxes of gourds stored in there as well. Boxes of winter clothes. ( closet space in this house is very limited) Add to this Bass Wood that had been collected over years to carve I was amazed at how much we had collected.

Thank goodness we knew one of the areas top wood carvers who in spite of being blind still teachers with the help of his wife. Every Saturday they have wood carvers who meet and carve at their home. They were so happy to take the bass wood off of our hands and were so happy to give it to them knowing it would be put to good use.  Thank you Jack and Jane!

It is a wonder Carol can still walk as hard as she worked to move heavy items and load  bags of things for the  area thrift shops.
There was winter tire chains, exercise equipment, hula hoops, exercise balls 3 exercise weights and bed tray,.  small vacuum, elec. fryer coffee maker, and way more too much to list but take my word it was a lot. We supplied 3 different thrift stores with enough books to open a small library. (they might cringe to see us coming now,)
But to her credit she has done a remarkable job and the shop is much more organized and clean.
It could use a paint job from top to bottom but not at this point in our lives. The shop still has a lot of wood stored under the hugs work table to be dealt with but it is not in the path so will have to wait till later. Still a wonder that it has come this far. I am thrilled and amazed. At the same time over a few months she has cleaned and emptied a shed we have that we have stored stuff in over the past 18 years. Gotten rid of so much and it is mostly empty now. We hope to make repairs as needed and use it to store gourds that have almost run us out of house, shop and chicken house as well as parts of the back yard. Last count we had approxmently 500 of the little beasties. Only trouble is they are small to medium and we use a lot of large gourds but they will fill in and we give a lot to other gourding friends, and our local patch members.
Hats off Carol super job. Guess that means I have to get busy( in whatever spare time  I can find and try to organize the art room. A two car garage that has also been converted into a art and craft space. A blessing after using the kitchen table so long.

I just hope to make as much of a difference as Carol has. With that I leave you now but promise to return.

Hugs and love to all my friends and thank you I value your friendship so much.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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So proud to announce we have been added to the Proxxon design team . I hope we will be successful in letting everyone know how cool these tools are. Especially the tiny micro tools. ( perfect for gourds)

Looking forward to making some new items that have before been very hard too do with large tools. We have lots of large tools but sometimes they are too large or strong to use on a gourd or thin wood. Besides large tools are heavy and I am a little old dusty lady.
Wishing all a beautiful day and a productive day. Chase your dreams.
Hugs and Love Misty