Friday, May 19, 2017

My Love for Gourds

Some years ago when we had just been in AR about 7 or 8 years we planted a gourd crop. Who knows why? We were not working with them at that time just got the urge! So we did and so did they. We had a very good crop. They dried great and since we did not know what to do with them  we bagged them up into two large green yard bags and stored them in the attic. There they lived (sad for being unused) for many years.

About 5 years ago a friend showed us a Thunder Gourd. It was the same friend that had shown us some home-made soap. (Should have known this was going to be trouble.) We made soap and bath products until I developed cancer at which time we had to give up the hobby and shows. Now when she showed us the Thunder Drum I was all better. We thought it was ok but then she shook it and out came this thundering sound. Carol screamed I got to have one! I being the voice of reason said we don’t need to buy it we have attic full of gourds.

So we made our first of hundreds of gourds and fell in love with everything about them. How if you look at one long enough it speaks to you. Tells you what it wanted to become when it grows up. We never had a lesson but bought every book we could fine on gourds and what to do with them. Soon we had so very many gourds we could not keep them all. So we gave some to friends and family.  God bless them as these were not our best work, after all we were still learning.

My painting got some better then I started taking art about three years ago after a long absence from my early dabbling in Pastels. As time passed with all the time I spent painting and gourding things got better. Meanwhile Carol started taking watercolor classes and also has a natural talent for painting she has a good eye.
So with no further delay I will add a few photos of some of our more recent Gourds

This bowl is stained with ink & Woven at the top


  1. I've seen your painting Misty and it's awesome, as is Carol's. You are both uber talented and I'm happy to know you. Gourders are a great group of people and you two are no exception. These pieces are beautiful!

  2. Awesome story! It makes me now, want to get up and varnish my pieces I painted --lol

    Keep sharing, ladies!

  3. Thank you Barbara and Charlotte for your encouragements in this new endeavor. We hope to make interesting pages. Hope you will keep coming back to visit.