Saturday, May 13, 2017

Alberta Orlove Better known as Misty

A little history.

Am 76 years old worked for Civil Service for some 28 years. Retired from Keflavik Iceland in 1999. Navy wanted me to continue on as a Management Analysts part time to trouble shoot for Quality of Life (Also known as MWR) who has problem or areas that needed correction. I did that for little over a year when a health convinced me to once again retire this time completely.  I loved my job and it left me with a large void to have to leave it altogether.

When I told my friend I what I was going to do, she asked my (can I come too) I chuckled and said I guess so. I had no idea she was not joking. Little did I know she was dead serious. I was soon to find out.
I won’t go into my childhood as it was not always the happiest time of my life. I prefer to not look back. I did have a loving mother and lost her at age 23 to cancer. My father who was in the Navy called home and told my mother he wanted a divorce when I was three. He was the love of my young life. It has been hard getting over that I must admit. I think maybe I am not yet over it.

Married and lost a husband and two children both boys. Lost the youngest in an auto accident when he was 29. I recently lost my oldest son at 60 this past Feb.
I retired because even though I really loved my job and the feeling that I helped improve the life of our Military members and their families. I was on call 24/7 and had just found out that my eldest had been given a life expectancy of 5 years. I wanted a chance to enjoy a life outside of work. I felt if I didn’t retire I would not have that opportunity. Ok I think that is more than enough to leave here.
Will tell you am happy as a lark here in Arkansas where life is easy going and I have time to pursue my passions, painting is first and after that gourd crafting, gardening, fishing and I think blogging might soon fall in next.

Dragonfly in oils.  By Misty Orlove

How we wound up in Arkansas is another story and I will let Carol tell you thank you for visiting.


  1. Wow..Iceland! What an adventure you have had!!! I can't wait to learn more of your journey!

  2. I love your Dragonfly picture. You have many talents. How do you have time for them all Misty? Living in Iceland must have been exciting.
    Patricia Smith