Sunday, May 14, 2017

Carol's Bio

Well hey there!  My name is Carol and just in case you’re interested I thought I would share a little about myself here.  I’m originally from California, being born and raised in San Diego.  I must admit to having a pretty much carefree young life enjoying all the amenities of a small (back then SD was not so big), but growing city.   I had the ocean, a good solid family, lots of friends, wild imagination, great health, and enough energy to spend all day on the run. My early life was… well…just as it should be.   Of course, you can’t stay young forever and life had to get a bit more serious.  In high school, I enjoyed science and always thought I would be a doctor.  But when I learned how much school they required I quickly changed my goal and became a nurse.  This ended up being a good choice for me and I enjoyed my work).  My nursing career spanned more than 30 years.  I had no children and lived with a man for 20 years as my “common law”, so they say in California.  He eventually turned traitor so I was looking for a change when I met Misty online.  She was working in Iceland but retiring to the US.  We became good friends.  When it was time for her to move back to the states I asked where she was going to live.  She replied with “someplace where the pace is slower and money goes further”.  I sheepishly asked, “can I come along?”  She thought I was joking and said, “Sure”.   Long story short we ended up in Arkansas.  I continued to work as a nurse first private duty then home health.  I turned 60 in October this year and retired in Dec.  I finally have time to pursue my hobbies of woodworking, carving, painting, gardening and what not.  I love tinkering with tools, fixing things, and creating art for the sake of art or just because.  I hope to live a long healthy life, (so far so good) because I have a lot left to do.  I could start by organizing my workshop.    Yikes.      Later, more to come about the workshop.  😊


  1. Oh, don't worry about the workshop...too many adventures--lol

  2. Carol, You are so talented. My mother-in-law liked working with tools.

    Patricia Smith